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About Me

My home resides in Fort Atkinson, WI where my husband and I have built our roots and are close to our 4 children and soon to be 3 grandchildren. We had been owners of NorthFit Creamery, opened in 2012, a gym that is home to 200+ incredible individuals which we recently sold this last August, 2023. We have been fortunate to build a beautiful community and our focus is not only physical fitness but on the body as a whole. 

My passion lies in healing the body and creating community. Avenues that I have studied are Holistic Nutrition & Herbalism, Physical Fitness and Metabolic Healing Movement as well as energy work including Reiki and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT, pendulum work). Each of us have a set of gifts and sharing them with the world is what can lead to individual healing, family healing, community healing and beyond.

When I was young I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, then in my teens it went to Hashimotos Hypothyroid, in my twenties I experienced toxic shock from food allergies and environmental toxins and had chronic hives for a full year. My adrenals were completely shot as my stress levels and cortisol was being released in a constant "fight or flight" mode. During this last phase I saw ten different doctors, each telling me cause was unknown and I needed to be on steroids to control them. I cried everyday, I felt out of my body, like I had no control and no one to help me so I took the steroids and they did nothing. I spent hours asking people if they ever experienced hives, researching online blogs and eventually found my way to Holistic Nutrition and the elimination diet. I navigated my own way, enrolled in school and kept digging deeper to educate myself to heal the body. Between environmental toxins, extreme stress, allergies and an unhealed nervous system from childhood trauma I realized my body had reached it's limit and I would need to slowly heal my body myself so my journey started.

Fast forward to 7 years later, Harlo, our youngest started experiencing Grand Mal Seizures at the age of nine, cause "unknown". I was back on another journey and the term advocate reached new depths. I was that mom who questioned everything, I read every book possible, and I called doctors everywhere. Harlo was on seizure meds that made her a shell of a person. We moved our beds to the floor and slept on either side of her so as she experienced nights of ongoing seizures we would be next to her getting her through them. I used the knowledge I had built myself, the resources, the education but knew I needed help. I came across an incredible doctor, Dagmara Beine, owner of Zuzas Way in Theinesville, WI. The first person to truly sit down with myself, Jeb and Harlo and treat us with compassion and empathy. We talked through our entire family history, emotional trauma, sibling relationships, my pregnancy and her birth and she took us on. We spent the next two years working on a healing plan that included environmental toxins, food coloring, pesticides, our water source, cleaning products, vitamin and glutathione levels and so much more. This expanded us is ways we never couldn't imagined. Harlo has been seizure free for several years and now medication free for a couple years. 

Another expansion of my growth came when my husband, Jeb starting having gut health issues in his late thirties and it led him on a ten year journey of Ulcerative Colitis. In 2020 he underwent 7 surgeries/procedures within 14 months as his large intestines and colon were removed. The process was long, invasive, hard both physically and mentally and stripped him of his entire identity. Not only did he go through the physical trauma but during Covid I couldn't be at the hospital so the mental toll during and the recovery added an entirely other aspect. I continued education, continued conversations and reaching out to doctors, therapists and alternative practices to make sure we used what we could to assist in his healing. I learned that the recovery needed to be not only physically but emotionally and mentally. This expanded us even more into learning about trauma, stored emotions, the impact they have internally, understanding what I call lower case trauma and upper case trauma and how each have an impact on us. Understanding the Quantum field, what energy truly is and how to implement vibrational healing into our practices. I learned about sound healing, music therapy, plant medicine and how every individual truly needs to be treated as just that, individually.

Over the years and through all of our medical journeys we have realized that it is not only physical but it is just as much, if more focused on the mental and emotional traumas and belief systems we carry. Stress can be built up over time, accumulated and tucked away, not dealt with, but it will find you. Most of us receive small nudges along our path, indicators that things are going good or you are off your path. Many of us don't listen until these nudges become big ones, ones that can't be ignored. Our hope is to encourage more people to make room to listen to the language of the body, prioritize healing and keeping the body in good health and create avenues and dialogue on how to do that. 

Life can be so incredibly beautiful if we’re willing to do a little work. There is so much beauty and joy that can be appreciated if we’re willing to see it. Most adults I meet are confined to the prison that is their belief system, and yet, when they start to dream again and break beyond those walls, magic starts to happen. Joy begins to appear, laughter is more common, feeling and looking better follow, appreciation for your surroundings becomes prominent. In all the lessons we have learned as a family and continue to learn, I hope to pass those along and help lead the way.

Love & Light, Meg

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