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Gut Health, Poop & All things Nice.

Since seizures are commonly diagnosed as unknown we are going to work on overall wellness in our home. For many of you you’re probably thinking how much healthier can you get when you own a gym etc. however as we tell many of our clients we are still human, we let our kids be kids and eat Doritos, hotdogs, candy and more. We've always focused on eating in moderation and understanding balance while also understanding good food vs. bad food. I'm finding now that although this was a good starting point it is just that...a starting point.

I understand healthy eating and I understand how to read ingredients due to the fact that my background is in Holistic Nutrition however I still feel overwhelmed at times. And to be honest sometimes it's not worth the headache or the argument with your children...I get it because I'm 100% guilty of it too. Eating "healthy" can be overwhelming, difficult, expensive however I think we underestimate the power it has on our systems.

There are lots and lots of really great brands, foods and products that you can start using for yourself and for your kiddos so overtime I will show you what we've been doing in our household not just only recently but since I started my venture years ago.

Shortly after putting some of our first posts up about Harlo's visits to the hospital we had several people reach out with ideas, recommendations, referrals etc. This was so so so wonderful because at this point we welcomed any information we could start looking at to start compiling answers or to simply start getting a sense of direction.

I'll speak about each of the people who reached out and companies we are now looking at, purchasing from and getting guidance from but our first was Dr. Jason Nobles who works at The Wellness Way Green Bay, WI as a Chiropractor. He knew Jeb through CrossFit and had been keeping up to date with our posts on Harlo's hospital visits. He then reached out offering some guidance as he has worked with children who have experienced seizures before.

Wanting to learn more about Harlo's GI Tract we sent over some X-Rays to him. Once he received them he realized her GI tract and gut was inflamed and we needed to start doing some healing along with some testing. So now we came up with a plan. That plan included getting two test done - Food Allergy Test and a Stool Test. He also suggested adding Aloe Vera Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar in each day just to slowly start to help heal her gut health and inflammation. So that's exactly what we did and now we await the test results.

More things will be added but this was our starting point and we wanted to make sure we started adding changes and additions to her diet slowly. The other major focus that Jeb and I had is that we knew a lot of changes would be happening for Harlo so we wanted to make sure her stress level stayed low so we've incorporated these changes a bit at a time to help her adjust and not be so drastic.

When Harlo was young she was a colicky baby and struggled with stomach pains and constipation. We have tried many things from rubbing castor oil on her belly to changing diets, monitoring sugar intake and focusing on water consumption however nothing seemed to change. The stomach pains and constipation have only amplified since her medication so we wanted to address this first.

So Miss Harlo gets to drink her Aloe Vera Juice morning and night along with drinking a sip of Apple Cider Vinegar before each meal (don't worry they now have flavored apple cider vinegar for the kiddos - grape and apple cinnamon are our favorite). We can honestly say we feel like she's a toddler again and we're celebrating every time she goes poop!


Food Allergy Test -

The Wellness Way -

Aloe Juice - Look for the organic, preservative free Lily of the Dessert, whole leaf juice. I got mine from Festival Foods.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Bragg's Organic Flavors - Ginger Spice, Grape & Apple Cinnamon (Harlo's Favorite) and we got this at Festival Foods as well.

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