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Progress on Harlo

I figured it's time to put an update on Harlo and how her healing is going. A few weeks ago we had her Neurologist appointment which went well. We are blessed to have a doctor who is open to all the alternative medicine approaches that we're doing. All of her levels look good, her medicine will remain the same and in the meantime we will continue to work on her detoxification process.

Just a quick reiteration for those who recently started following her story. Harlo started experiencing grand mal seizures last October. We've done just about every standard test and scan under the sun and they all came back good. One step further we started seeking out alternative medicine in which we found doctors who would look at "untraditional" tests such as toxins, environmental, metals, food etc. Here is where we found the problem. Her environmental toxins were skyrocketed which resulted in her brain grabbing the toxins instead of expelling them. Her body was so overloaded by environmental toxins it could no longer process them out of the body and instead resulted in seizures.

We knew this year we would be focused on healing her body, getting it functioning back to full health and monitoring these toxin levels. We've been fortunate between visits to Zuza's Way and Symmetry that we are on the right track and she is doing much better. We won't be running any of the blood tests for awhile yet until we feel her body is almost healed. These tests are expensive and none of her treatments are covered by insurance so once we hit the . year marker we'll plan to retest. In the meantime this is where Symmetry has come in to play and has been beyond helpful. With their muscle testing we have been able to monitor Harlo's health on a cellular level and monitor her toxins along with everything else going on in her body.

She has been in good spirits so far. We continue to go into Zuzas Way each month so Harlo can get her IV Treatment which usually takes several hours. The IV gives Harlo glutathione (which is what your body creates to push toxins out however hers isn't working at full capacity) along with a bunch of vitamins to help support her system. Overall she's a champ during her IV treatments, she's only had one experience that it took a bit to get the IV in which made her a bit anxious this last time. However this last treatment went smoothly, it generally makes her tired and the process usually takes a few hours depending on how her body is absorbing the treatment. This last one she cozied up to Mary Poppins while drinking her vanilla tea and slept the entire car ride home.

So for now we are carrying on our way and will continue to do monthly treatments and monitor her healing. Essentially Harlo needs to be seizure free for 2 years in order to come off her daily medicine. Our goal is that it may come sooner however she is back to all of her regular activities, her right side of her body and muscle fatigue she had been experiencing is gone and her body seems to respond better each time we go for treatment. The biggest blessing is that Harlo has learned to be in tune with her entire body as a unit. This is a gift in itself as I see many adults who are still struggling to connect and understand what their body is trying to tell them. Exciting stuff, we're thrilled to be this far before we hit our year marker. Thank you again for all the love and support that has been sent our way.

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