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Taking Care of Business...Everyday

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Do you ever feel like your spinning your wheels 100MPH but nothing is actually happening?

This is me. Right now. For the last few weeks.

Although I know things are happening it feels like very little is being accomplished.

We've now moved back our older two adult children home to then just move one back out to a new house. We finished Harlo's 4th Grade year which feels like it lasted FOREVER since we were trying to catch back up from all her time off due to medical reasons. I think every possible program at the gym was either wrapping up or launching in the same two week time span. This also meant new hires, certifications, training and marketing had to be done. This is all happening while I have also launched a new business - The Choice Co.

I am well aware that everyone goes through this stuff and probably sometimes more often than I but man I feel like I'm just not catching up. I'm grateful the beautiful weather has finally made its appearance since that may have been half the problem - feeling cooped up for too long with the crazy weather we've had.

I'm physically and mentally drained and could probably sleep for a few days if my mind would just shut off. I usually have my stuff together but lately I swear I shouldn't be allowed to meet with clients for either of my businesses because I'm not even making any sense. I told Jeb the other day I had a wonderful but ridiculous conversation with two ladies at the gym and my Type A personality was no where to be found....I actually thought I lost it somewhere and I'm pretty sure my staff thought I did too because I wasn't even talking correct prices or programs.

Today topped it off as my Jeep shut down and had to be towed an hour before Harlo's "Friend" Birthday party. I mean seriously. This is life, right?

It's 11:30pm, I finally have the house picked up, dogs and kids in bed and am just starting to write. I talk to a lot of people everyday and I can't tell you how many people ask me how I have my shit together and even when I say I don't they don't believe me. Well this is a very open honest letter to everyone that no one has everything together, not always. Everyone has things going on and that's just life but how you deal with it and show up each day is a choice.

I'm not looking for sympathy because we all juggle a million things, I'm looking to make a point to everyone and share that not everyday or every year is going to go your way. Life will happen. I choose to stay as positive as I can and sometimes that doesn't always happen either. For myself I know that when I sit back and reflect on everything that I have going on that I feel thankful. Although I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment I'm thankful for all the opportunities I'm given - moving our kids back home, homeschooling our youngest, building our members, programs and staff, launching a new business, having a home to remodel to potentially build a new one. But I want you to know, we don't always have it together we just roll with the punches and keep doing our best.

On a positive note to end this blog our final site has been launched for The Choice Co. I'd love if you'd head on over to check it out and see what we've been up to this last year!

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