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The Fam Bam

Many of you know me but for those that I hope to reach that may not know much about me here it is. I am 33 years old, I have a passion for books…it’s actually more like an addiction. Anything nutrition, self growth or romance related I will purchase immediately. I am a sweet tooth, I was gluten free before it was a thing due to severe hives (I literally turn into Shrek besides turning the color green). I’ve been married to my husband for 10 years with whom we’ve had our incredible daughter Harlo Lee and our dog child Kilo, I’ve been blessed with 3 wonderful step kids who have allowed me to learn, test and push me to be the parent and person I am today.

My husband and I own NorthFit Creamery which is a gym in our hometown and has allowed us to both help and meet many incredibly people in our community and beyond. With that said the foundation of my being is that I love people, I love meeting people, I love talking to people and I love making connections with people. I know I’m meant to help others see light in the world and light in themselves and that’s why I’m here and am pushing until I touch as many lives as I can.

As I mentioned a very large part of me is my family. Our kids are 22, 20, 14 and 9, three vibrant strong willed girls and one sweet sweet boy. One thing that I've learned in the last 14 years of parenting is that no child is alike, they will certainly not always like you everyday, you are not their friend, you are there parent but oh how much of a gift each of them are. There have been highs and there have been lows and I'm not sure that we ever quite figure out how to parent "correctly" because there's no such thing. However I have found that parenting more "consciously" has made the process much easier and less stressful.

Throughout the years we go in cycles with the kids, usually one or two needs support and attention the most during a period of time where their struggling, pushing boundaries or are finding themselves lost. For the last four months our focus has been on healing Harlo however in between the lines our older two are trying to find themselves, navigate a career path and figure out who in the hell they are while our one and only sweet boy started High School. So it turns into a balancing game and a "Tag, you're it" between Jeb and I on who takes who, how do we navigate and what's the best approach because each of our children are different. Just when you think your doing good then one comes home crying and shit hits the fan again. It's either cry or laugh at the chaos of it so we just choose to laugh and carry on.

A lot has changed in our parenting styles over the years. Jeb has been parenting for 22 years and myself for 14. We have carried certain beliefs that no longer resonate with us, we have become a whole lot more mindful of how we respond and we realize that no matter how long you've been parenting there's always something to learn.

In my next blog I'm going to be speaking on our New Years Resolution and the changes we started making leading into 2019. Jeb and I enrolled ourselves (well to be honest...I enrolled us and Jeb obliged) into some courses that would help us focus on our self growth which ultimately affects how we parent and interact with people.

Self growth has a huge connection on how we deal with life, handle situations, love our family, parent our children, work with others and so much more. Each of us has a journey, each of us has struggles but we have never walked in one another's shoes. Be kind to yourself, be compassionate towards others and always work on your self growth. If you haven't seen yet I'm building an entire new company around the basis of this so go on over and check out The Choice Co on Facebook and Instagram!

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