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Where: Galleria 214 Cambridge, WI

When: Friday, April 26th 7pm


This healing circle will be open to both men and women and we ask that you arrive a little early to set up your cacoon space, as we will start right at 7pm. I ask that you bring your own yoga mat, blankets and pillows so you can create your own space to relax in. Please feel free to bring water, tea, journal and pen if you feel called to.


Our healing circles are a time to come and learn how to find peace as you listen to music and a mixture of sound therapy (crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, chimes and drums). I created this space to provide safety for all those who attend, this is a time for you to simply come and receive sound healing and learn about healing modalities and new topics.


We light up the space with beautiful selenite crystal votives from Ruby Rose Galleria while filling the room with hertz healing music.


What you can expect: Once you arrive I will get everyone set up with their own caccoon space. I will begin with an introduction as well as talk about sound healing, music therapy and the impact it has on the body. We will take you through a sound healing journey of about 60-90minutes, and I would plan to be in the space for a couple hours. 


Location is in the atrium of 214 Galleria in Cambridge, WI. It is located right on Main street, on the right side. You can go in the entrance that you would come in to visit Ruby Rose Gallery. There is a parking lot next to the building or on the street. 


*Email will be sent the day prior as a reminder, what to expect and details. 

Healing Sound Bath - April 26th 7pm

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