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Where: Galleria 214 - Cambridge, WI

When: Friday, April 19th  7 - 8:30 pm

Bring: Yoga Mat, blanket and wear comfortable clothing


Breathwork Facilitator and Reiki Master, Amy Cloute will be offering her gifts to our community of women as she leads us through a Breathwork Journey while I assist her and combine it with sound bowls. 


Somatic Breathwork is consciously using your breath for stress relief, healing, personal growth, and transformation of the mind, body and soul. Unhooking from your mind, oxygenating your body, physically and emotionally changing your state, allowing the release of held emotions, past trauma, overwhelming thoughts, and emotional and energetic blocks.


Unlike meditation, somatic breathwork utilizes active and dynamic breath patterns to guide you into an altered state of consciousness to access your subconscious with ease to release limiting thoughts and emotions held within the mind and body, reaching a new found space of clarity. Each session uses specific breath patterns curated specifically for an intention.


Benefits of Breathwork

  • Release of energetic, mental and/or emotional blocks

  • Release of stress, anger, overwhelm, fear

  • Overall sense of inner peace

  • Down regulation of the nervous system which allows for a greater overall sense of peace

  • Increased muscle tone, immunity and overall sense of health and wellbeing

  • Embodiment

  • Deeper connection to self


Almost anyone can benefit from meditative breathwork, with the exceptions of a few medical conditions. There are many breath patterns that can be utilized to curate a session to meet your individual needs. Breathwork is not connected to any spiritual or religious beliefs. You do not need any experience, as I will be here to lead and guide you the entire session.


*Email will be sent the day prior with reminder, what to expect, parking and location details.

Somatic Breathwork Group Session - Friday, April 19th

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