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The goal of my work is to calm and support the nervous system and give you tools to use in a manageable way that you can use for a lifetime. All of the clients I work with are either starting to unravel the many layers of themselves, unlearn and relearn who they are or are on a healing journey that stems from mental, physical or emotional health. The number one priority needs to be bringing calm to the system to support the journey so we can allow you to release in a way that feels safe. It’s the smallest of routines and shifts that have the biggest impact. 

Whether you have just begun, have been on the journey for years or have no idea what you need, you found my site for a reason. I hope to empower you and remind you who you are and that you have all the answers you need within you. I look forward to connecting.

Work With Me




 These classes will vary on different topics regarding energy work, holistic wellness, conscious eating, Introduction to Crystals, Pendulum work, healing the nervous system, sound healing etc. Classes will be available on my store to purchase a spot and see all future dates and topics. As of current I don't have any future classes as I am in between spaces so I will post once that becomes in alignment again and I have a space to teach in.


Individual Healing Session

When working with me I will set up a 15-20 minute consult call first to make sure it's in alignment for both of us before moving forward.

My individual sessions last anywhere from 60-90 minutes as I want the freedom to work through anything that comes up. I can do this session via zoom or in person. I will send an email with what we will cover on our phone call and we will go through these resources and information as my job is to teach you integration practices that are simple and sustainable for you to practice each day. My job is to build awareness for you, to answer questions, give you things to think about, but ultimately empower you on your self healing journey. Ultimately we have what we need within us but sometimes we need a gentle reminder or given some direction on where to start.  


One-on-One Mentorship

This mentorship program is for those wanting to deep dive and have complete accountability. I am very selective in my clients so there will be an interview process to ensure that this is in alignment for both you and myself. We are a team for 12 weeks and beyond so making sure we both feel comfortable is the utmost importance.

This mentorship specifically focuses on becoming closer to your highest self and feeling at home in your body. We will use a combination of nutrition, movement, mindfulness and work weekly in alignment with your goals. It can feel overwhelming on where to begin so I will walk you step by step as well as teach you all the things that I've learned over the years. I meet you where you're at and help you navigate your way back home to yourself. I look at this program as I'm taking my 20 years of learning and education and putting it into an accelerated program for my clients so they have tools for the rest of their life. Contact me to set up an interview or to learn more about the program. 

“Our belief systems are what hold us hostage, outside of those walls is a limitlessness beyond our wildest imagination.”

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