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Harlo's Healing Journey

As for an update on Harlo - she's doing good and we'e trekking along. Dagmara did chat with other doctors about Harlo's case and it just confirmed were on the right track. Her toxic levels are some of the worst they've seen which is terrible but they believe it isn't due to just one particular thing. It seems that Harlo's body doesn't eliminate the toxins she's been exposed to since birth and they've collected up over time until they started causing neurological effects such as her seizures.

Good news is Harlo has a good attitude (most days) and continues to take all of her vitamins, supplements and medications for her morning and evening routines. She does get frustrated and she certainly wants to be back to her old self at times but overall she's handling it quite well. Now we just focus on continuing to make our environment as healthy a possible and void of as many chemicals as we can. In all reality we are surrounded by toxins at all times so we need to focus on supporting Harlo's immune health and elimination process as best we can. This will be a long term treatment plan as well for her.

Exciting news is that we continue to be seizure free and our plan is to redo Harlo's bloodwork within the next 3-6 months to measure the success of what we've been doing. We continue going into Zuza's Way every two weeks to get a Nutritional IV and Glutathione IV to support and boost her body's healing process. She handles the IV's like a pro but the process takes quite some time due to her bodies response to the IV's. If the IV drip goes too fast then Harlo experiences chest, throat and teeth pain. So it's a slow process which ends up taking hours so we plan for a full day between driving and the treatment process. I'm a pro at packing a cooler everyday so now when we leave the house to head to Zuza's Way we pack breakfast, lunch and snacks. We relax, enjoy tea, read books and I let her play on her iPod to pass the time away.

Her treatment plan:

We're continuing with a diet void of dairy, gluten, soy, corn, peanuts and food coloring. She takes probiotics, fish oil, flax seed oil, glutathione, sauerkraut, aloe vera and apple cider daily which support her gut health. Since these toxins are plaguing her body the biggest focus is elimination.

How are we trying to eliminate?

We have a morning routine that supports this process. We recently started using Activated Charcoal which has a high absorption rate that grabs toxins within the body and expels of them safely. We're incorporating this two different ways, the first is that I mix the charcoal in with her celery, carrot and apple juice that I make each day and the second is that we made Ningxia gummies - that she can snack on.

The other two things we do are use a sauna and Biomat. Harlo spends 30 minutes every morning sitting in the sauna then another 30 minutes laying on the Biomat. Thankfully we had dear friends from our gym who lent us their sauna for Harlo's healing until we could purchase the one needed for her. My mom had a Biomat that she graciously set up at our house for Harlo until we can make the purchase. Harlo will need both of these for her long term health so Jeb and I started our researching, saving and planning since these are both expensive items.

What is a Biomat?

It is a mat that can lay on top of a massage table that is filled with amethyst and tourmaline crystals. These crystals with the combination of a heating device create infrared heat waves and negative ions that activate the bodies natural healing process. Some of the things that the Biomat does is increases the immune system, reduces insomnia, decreases inflammation, increases circulation, reduces muscle tension and increases serotonin and these are only a portion of the healing effects it has. There are different levels for different purposes so this is a big part of her healing routine.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas produce wavelengths that help promote three different Infrared spectrums: Near, Mid and Far. Each have a certain purpose and aid in the detoxification process. They penetrate deeply but safely and help dissolve the harmful toxins our bodies have absorbed.

Some of the top benefits are weight loss and increased metabolism, detoxification, immune support, muscle and joint pain, skin purification and stress reduction.

That about sums up where we're at in the entire process. Working on her healing takes a large amount of time so it's been challenging trying to find a work/school balance in there. I feel like we've come up with a pretty good schedule but I find that most of my time is in the kitchen making concoctions, food and prepping. Luckily I enjoy the kitchen so I'm just trying to "Water the Flowers and not the Weeds" like Ms. Emily Fletcher would say and focus on everything good we're doing and not on all the things we haven't done!

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