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Side Effects and Mom & Dad's turn for Health!

Those two little words "side effects" can really rock your world, let me tell you!

We heard the doctor and understood that each of the medications that would treat her main symptom - seizures would ultimately have possibly side effects that could affect her. I think in our mind at the moment was "Please, just make the seizures stop!" and pray that these side effects wouldn't haunt her.

When we started her medicine back in October every morning she took her medicine - Trileptol at 8am. It's like clockwork, by 9:30-10am she has a migraine and can't keep her eyes open. We then lay down in the dark or have her close her eyes until it passes. Afterwards is when we have a good few hours of her being more present however having her focus on reading a book or staying active for more then an hour wipes her out completely. By the afternoon she needs to rest again only to be plagued with stomach cramps due to the constipation she is dealing with by having these medicines in her body. We try and relax, make dinner and she now gets her nightly dosage of Trileptol at 8pm. It's now bedtime as her body needs a minimum of 12 hours of sleep just to give her a semi good day.

Skip ahead to January and we have bypassed a lot of the side effects as her body has grown accustomed to her medication. I also believe the amount of healing that we have focused on in regards to supplements, vitamins, foods and stress has elevated much of this too. Harlo will still experience occasional stomach aches and her sleepiness will hit every once in awhile however the most prevalent one is her feeling of frustration or anxiousness. You can see it in her little eyes the haze and tiredness that she deals with but I believe it is slowly easing its way out. Although it can be rough watching her go through some of these things we know that ultimately this is only going to be a small fraction of time in her life. It will pass and life will go on.

With that said, I don't think these symptoms just affect her, I think they affect most of us. No matter what ailment we have or what medication we take our bodies take on other "problems" that may be worse than the main problem. The sad part is this has become a new normal and we really can't help it due to the fact that we don't know any better. The horrifying part is that we trust people to ensure our health and wellness by making our foods and trusting doctors who know very little about holistic health and nutrition. Would if you had the option to clean up your lifestyle and diet and put 100% focus on being the best version of yourself to live free of aches and pains, free of medication, free of ailments. Would you do it?

Jeb and I recently started working with Dagmara at Zuza's Way and we have been so excited to learn more about not only Harlo but our bodies as well. Jeb who has dealt with Ulcerative Colitis has learned that his body has been a healing machine, that he isn't lacking much other than low water level and protein so he needs to focus on his daily intake as well as testosterone and vitamin D which can be taken care of with one supplement. As he starts to use CBD oil he will soon be able to get off of his daily medication that ultimately has suppressed his body and acts as a "chemo" drug to keep his colitis at bay. Again he has used this drug for years so to find someone to read between the lines and talk about other alternative options that his body would thrive using is a blessing.

Now it's my turn! We've done our wellness check ups in waves to help with the cost so I just got my wellness panel done and am excited to start working on healing my body. I was diagnosed with Hoshimotos Hypothyroid when I was 18. For the last 15 years I have navigated my way by educating myself with nutrition, diet and wellness to feel the best I can while having Hoshimotos. During this time I've learned that I need some assistance because there are still things that my body is not aligned with. My panel didn't come back great however it just means I have things to work on and that I have someone who is going to address them and get me to full health. I figure if I already feel great almost everyday with these things going on how am I going to feel when my body is fully aligned.

In meeting Dagmara we have learned that there are so many other options that can be utilized to heal the body without causing side effects or other problems. I know we have met other friends since I have started the blog who have found people in the health field who are going above and beyond to help address there individual needs. If you know of anyone please share them as this is what we need to address - preventative health. Let's not be proactive when shit hits the fan, let's start by addressing health when we're doing ok, let's be proactive in our preventative health. It may cost some money in the beginning but I'm not sure how you feel, I'd rather live longer and avoid all the pain and suffering that could happen by not addressing it.

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