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Healthy Home

So you've asked and I'm responding...

What do I use in my home?

About 8 years ago I had my own health crisis happen, which in reality had been building up for quite a few years (future blog story) anyhow when this hit I realized I needed to make some serious changes. Up until that point I was fairly mindful of food - that's something I've always had an interest in however wasn't too educated in. However when it came to products in the home, perfume, candles etc. I was ignorant. If it smelled good I enjoyed it, if it was strong to clean then it could handle our home of 6, if it was cheap it was affordable for me at the time - this was the basis of my decisions.

Unfortunately we wait until the worst happens to make changes, this was also me. But you need to start somewhere and that's where I started.

My sister moved to San Francisco in 2011 and shortly after she moved was when I hit my medical crisis. Anyhow my mom had visited her shortly after her move and I remember them calling me to let me know they we're going to a convention that was going to have all sorts of non toxic cleaning products, household items etc. This came at the perfect time because I started cleaning up the entire house of toxins. Anything that I thought was toxic I was replacing due to the stress response that I had been currently going through with my body. One of these items my sister and mother came across was a company called Norwex. It was the first time I had heard of the company and ever since then it has been a staple in our home. Here is the website to learn more about the company .

My mom had brought back some cleaning supplies and ever since then I have slowly added to my supplies throughout the years. If you are familiar with Norwex then you know it uses silver in its materials to create a way to clean with water and without the use of harmful products.

I know for myself I still enjoy using scents within the home so my next quest was to find a brand that was non toxic but could cover the smell of all the chin guards, basketball shoes, wet uniforms and nasty socks that you would find amongst the house. Again my sister who seems to be a common denominator for a lot of my findings (so maybe you should head on over to see what she's up to @stacysimmons_) introduced me to Young Living. I fell in love. and for the last few years my home has been plagued in essential oils. I have an oil diffuser in all of the bedrooms, living space and office - it has become a daily ritual in our routine.

Young Living is a beautiful brand that started an organic herb farm and distillation process to produce high quality non toxic products. Learn more here . Since I had worked with Aveda for ten years I was familiar with essential oils however using them for specific purposes, cleaning the home etc. wasn't something I knew too much in. Over the last few years I've enjoyed trying to new oils, playing around with blends, and educating myself on how oils can impact your overall wellness. My home is my sanctuary and I've always focused on having good energy in my home and my oils are a very large part of that.

Lastly if you are a product junkie which I know many of you are then you'll appreciate having some other options. I love trying new things, adding to my collection, having options and occasionally swapping out products. I always keep my eye out for other brands that come up just because I think it's a beautiful revolution that we're apart of and being able to support brands that are trying to create non toxic products makes my heart happy. Although there's a list of ones I could give I found a lot of them to be available online at Grove Collaborative - .

Grove has a collection of household cleaning products to personal care, baby care and so much more. A few items that I get from here are the household cleaners, reusable plastic bags, deodorant, all my feminine products (incredibly important ladies!!! - this will definitely be a future blog). Anyhow whether you want to order from here or not at least you can see some of these great brands and visit there specific websites for more information.

I am not bias to any brand and I know that there are a lot of great ones out there so if you have any suggestions please put them in the comments as I know more people would appreciate having references!

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