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Toxin Overhaul at the Simmons Residence

It's been over a week since we've gotten back from Harlo's appointment and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. In summary Harlo's body is on a toxic overdrive resulting in neurological issues - seizures. Good news is that the likeliness of her seizures are all from her body taking in too many toxins which means if we can get everything out then hopefully her seizures will go away.

The big question is where is she getting all of these toxins from?

Environmental toxins are everywhere and that's where it gets tricky so we're starting with our home. We're already very conscious of all of our cleaning products, personal products, aromas etc. so we've moved on to some of our bigger things. We had a chimney sweeper come in and clean out our chimney and our gas fireplace (apparently your gas fireplace needs to be cleaned and maintenanced every 5 years which we we're unaware of). Next we have our dear friends at Abendroth coming in to upgrade our water and put a much larger filtration system in then what we have now to ensure 100 clean water. Lastly our furnace will be maintenanced again just to be sure everything is working properly.

Now that we have all of our major appliances running in perfect order I'm going to start slowly making lists of non toxic items I can purchase that surround Harlo a majority of the time. Things as simple as her bedding and pillows that she sleeps with for 10+ hours a day are the ones high on my list. I know that sometimes these things cost more but my perspective is how many times do we buy something because it went on sale, not that we necessarily needed it. I know I've done these things plenty of times so I'm going to try and keep myself in check and do some research on some of these simple items that we can clean up and do better with.

The second biggest problem or maybe this is the number one is that Harlo's body is keeping all of the toxins instead of dispelling them. We take in hundreds of toxins a day and our body is usually a fighting machine in which it processes these toxins through the liver and kidneys and gets rid of them. For some reason or another Harlo's body isn't doing that and we're still unclear as to why. So not only is she absorbing a lot of toxins, her body won't get rid of any so the result has been her seizures.

Our physican, Dagmara is on a panel of hundreds of other doctors so it's wonderful that we have this opportunity to be able to get other opinions, suggestions etc. on how to move forward in the safest route possible to expel them and heal her. In the meantime Harlo will be at Zuza's Way once a week getting nutritional and vitamin IV's to help boost her body. These IV's help bypass the gut (which is having a hard time absorbing anything) and go right to her blood system to make sure her body holds onto them.

This is simply the world we live in so instead of being overwhelmed (this last week I failed miserably) I'm trying to just learn and make a list of our priorities. Neither Harlo or us would appreciate putting her into a bubble so our goal is to heal her body and then just be aware of her environment most of the time. If we can heal her body then we can build her immune system to work in unison again. So I will continue this journey, take all the notes, put together recipes and concoctions and share them with all of you. Be patient, judging on Harlo's gagging reaction to my green smoothie I have some room to improve!

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