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House is for Sale!

As you all know we purchased some land a little while ago and the goal is to build a house on it within the next year. With that said it means our current house will need to go on the market and our goal is to do that soon.

We bought our current home about 6 years ago and we thought this would be the house we grow old in however our plans have changed. We got the itch to have more land and always said if more land came up for sale down the road from where we're currently at that we would try to purchase it. Well that time came much sooner than we anticipated but it was something we couldn't pass up.

When we bought our current house it was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath ranch that sat on 1 acre of land and was original to when it was built in 1949 which meant we had a lot of renovating to do. Obviously for those that know us we have a family of 6 so our list was pretty extensive that needed to happen and I'm pretty sure our kids thought we were crazy since everyone had to bunk up between two bedrooms and an office!

Since we anticipated living here for a long time we had quite a large list of things that we needed to accomplish which included:

  • Opening the Floor Plan which meant lots of walls being taken down

  • Ripping out all the linoleum and carpet & install all new hardwood flooring

  • Take down all the wall paper which conveniently is coming back into style however I don't think anyone would have appreciated the wall paper we had!

  • Building two additional bedrooms which also meant two egress windows needed to be completed. It was also important that it not feel a typical basement so we excavated the entire side of the house so the windows have full light and exposure to the outside.

  • Updating the kitchen - appliances, hardware, flooring, sink, plumbing etc.

  • Making updates on the well, updating the entire septic system to support a 4 bedroom house which also led to the entire landscaping to be redone since the yard was gutted.

  • Adding a second bathroom

  • Switching out every light fixture and repainting everything

  • Building a deck

  • New gutters

  • New trim

  • Removing all the popcorn ceilings which seems to haunt us in every house we live in.

I think that about covers everything. I'm sure I'm missing something but overall this house has been overhauled and we honestly still contemplate whether we want to move. I know many may not know this but Jeb built homes for years so it's been a dream of his to one day build his own. On top of that his father has owned a roofing business where Jeb had started his construction job many years ago and my father and grandfather also built homes so it will be a family affair. Again I can say this is coming to fruitation sooner than we planned but we seem to like projects and new opportunities so this is right up our alley!

I can say we've almost got all of the list completed besides a few things that we're still working on. Like I said, we anticipated living many years in this house so now that we want to sell the house we have a few lingering projects that need to be finished. Once those get accomplished then we will list the house however we've had quite a few people reach out about looking at our home so if we could find a family who would love our home as much as we do then please reach out.

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