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My Personal Fav "Must Read" Books

Yes you've heard me many times talk about being a book worm. We'll lucky for you I'm going to share my top reads. Now I have many books that I love and suggest however there are only a few that if I could express to someone to absolutely read these would be my top two.

Ironically one of them I had read a couple times however I didn't really "hear" it or connect the dots until I got frustrated with my health and wanted to listen to something that would help me.

I wasn't always a book nerd, I didn't mind reading in school but I definitely didn't enjoy it. For school you had to read books for your classes so they weren't anything I had chosen. I wish this is something we did a better job at in school. If I had nurtured my interests and read about them I know I would have learned to love reading more at an earlier age.

When I really started to enjoy reading I was in my early 20's, married to Jeb and leading a fairly hectic life trying to raise three kids. My down time was when I escaped reality and read. It was my time to travel and learn all in the comfort of my home. This is where I started to learn the most about myself - what interests I had, hobbies I wanted to start, who I wanted to become.

This first book that I'm going to mentioned was suggested to me by my sister. It's by Vishen Lkhiani, the founder of MindValley and the book is called "The Code of the Extraordinary Mind". This book is about the unconventional laws that have defined our life and the rules that we have deemed important before we've had the chance to truly decide if they resonate with us and who we are.

Vishen has such a fun way of speaking through his writing and make you want to revisit his books and chapters over and over again. Throughout the book you learn to question the conventional rules, bend your reality and expand your thinking. He questions the "Brules" (Bullshit Rules) and what Brules are worth challenging and questioning. Vishen speaks about end goals vs. means goals and gives perspective on how to make sure your goals are aligning in the right direction. He makes you question your reality and laugh about how you have put so much weight on decisions that might not really resonate with the person you want to be.

Vishen also has you look at all the areas in your life and grade yourself so you can understand where you need to focus your attention towards. He is well known for making his own words - one of them being "Unfuckwithable".

"When you learn how to fill the holes within, and you no longer need outside validation to know that you are enough and when you set your end goals that come from your deepest feelings about living a meaningful life, you have graduated to the next level of recoding yourself and moving forward on your path toward the extraordinary."

I've read A LOT of self growth books and I have some at the top of my list however this book would be my number 1. It gives you tools to use, he touches topics that are normally sensitive but does so in a fun way that has you laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. This is one book I would highly suggest to purchase and not buy as an ebook. I've made endless notes, I revisit chapters often and it has a permanent home on my coffee table or in my purse because I reference to it so much.

My second "Must Read" book is written by Anthony William who writes the series Medical Medium. Although I've read some the one that I have found the most valuable is "Medical Medium Thyroid Healing". I wish this book had a different title because you don't need to have issues with your Thyroid to read this book. He has a number of books that are incredibly insightful (link in the bottom) however I highly suggest this book to anyone who has had strep or mono in the past because that's what this book is all about.

Over the years I've not only taken on my own journey but I've met so many people who are struggling with different health problems as well varying from minor to extreme health issues. Like I've said I've read this book a few times now and it wasn't until this last time that I actually connected and listened to everything it said. In my mind if I could concentrate on minimal stress and keeping my environment clean and focusing on eating healthy that my body would heal itself, well it's simply not the case. I've seen so many people question what they're doing wrong, why are they dealing with certain health issues, how did this happen to me moments and so much frustration. I get it. This is why I began to read because I kept hitting dead ends, I felt like doctors listened to me but never really heard me so I became proactive.

My mom had read the book and reminded me that I had strep throat when I was around Harlo's age and it was in the coming years that all of my health issues started, from joint swelling to stomach issues. Things would fluctuate throughout the years and if you've read one of my previous posts then you know I experienced a number of inflammation issues amongst many other symptoms and still continue to battle them. Symptoms range from swollen glands/face/tongue, night sweats, drop in blood sugar, joint aches, headaches etc.

After reading the book I realize that if you've ever had strep or mono it's actually a virus called EBV (Ebstein-Barr virus). This virus doesn't go away it only goes dormant and comes out at different times in your life - usually during high stress times. So for those of you who have ever had mono or strep this is a MUST READ! I wish I had this books years ago however I don't think I was ready to accept it until now seeing as I felt if I controlled my health and my eating that everything would heal itself....not the case.

The book helps you addresses weight loss/gain, cancer, infertility, menopause, diabetes to other things like plantar faciatis, acid reflux, insomnia and so much more. These are all signs that the EBV virus is causing some problems in the body. The books gives all sorts of suggestions for healing foods, herbs and supplements. If you have the time to read any of the Medical Medium Books I highly suggest them, they will make you think outside the box and hopefully provide answers or guidance on getting your to your Healthiest You.

If there's books that you've come across and feel are those "must reads" please share them, even if you help one person it makes all the difference. There are so many of us looking for some help or guidance that could use any insight. All of us are on a journey, and some of us never reach our true potential so push your boundaries, you are capable of so much more than you could ever imagine. You don't need anyone's approval just a boost of confidence!



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