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What's on your Shelf & Your Skin?

One common question I get is about the products I use on my skin. Since there are so many products from makeup, cleansers, moisturizers to deodorants and lotion I'm going to split this topic up. My first focus is going to be focused on my facial routine. For those who don't know, I worked at an Aveda Salon for 10 years as an Aesthetician (skincare specialist). My passion for skin, health, wellness and natural products started when I was in in my teenage years as I started my wellness journey.

After High School I enrolled in UW-Whitewater and followed my interest in writing and art. My focus was Journalism and Multi Media. I saw myself in a large magazine firm in a big city however enter Jeb and the kids into the equation and my focus shifted along with my priorities. So plans changed.

I always knew I didn't want a 9-5 job (nothing wrong with it, just wasn't for me). If you know me I've always been creative and love staying busy doing different things. Throughout high school and college I usually always held 3-4 jobs at a time, I loved switching my focuses and environment. I often joke with Jeb that I have a bit of ADD due to my wandering mind and the need to constantly be doing things and exploring new ideas.

For me I always loved the salon and thought to myself I would work at one if I didn't have to do hair. I was never a girlie girl however my passion for natural products started in my late teens and was something I started asking myself how could I merge the two. A friend of mine mentioned her cousin going to school for skincare and that's when I knew I found my focus. I graduated from UW-Whitewater with my BA in Journalism and the following month enrolled into the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee to become a Licensed Aesthetician. To me, Aveda was the closest thing that I could get to natural and I loved every minute of my schooling.

Fast forward to the following year and I took a job with Crimson Salon & Spa and ended up working there for 10 years. I took one small break to go run the admissions department for the Aveda Institute in Madison however my passion was in taking clients and working with them. I truly loved my job, the people I worked with and for and hope to eventually make my way back into the field.

Needless to say I'm a product junkie and love exploring and finding new products that are founded by incredible people and are as natural as possible. With having the sensitivities that I do I am constantly looking for new products, trying them out while trying to keep my regime simple. I've never been one to prefer lots of makeup so I would say I'm more on the natural side. If you open my cabinet, Aveda has a very prominent display on my shelf. I was fortunate to work and watch all the products developed over the years and collect many of them!

My daily skincare regimen consists of washing my face with oil, using a Norwex cloth to ALWAYS wash my skin, put my eye oil/cream, hydrating lotion and moisturizer/oil mix on. I don't wear a lot of makeup but my usual day is my Argon Foundation, Concealer, Blush & Mascara. When I'm actually putting myself together for a day or night out I add contour & highlighting, eye shadow and my brow pencil and maybe get fancy with some lip color.

On another note just remember what works for me may not always be the best for you depending on your skin type. These are all the brands that I use and have found over the years. One thing that is very important to me is knowing how the products are made, what they're made of and the company and story behind the product. I know makeup can get pricey however for the length of time that you actually have it, it's a small investment. Our skin is our largest organ so it's very important to be mindful of what we put on it because we absorb everything. Alright enough said, below are all the products that I love and I have used A LOT of different ones over the years but these are my FAVS!.

What I currently use:

Norwex: Facial Wash Clothes

Your skin is the most sensitive area so it's important to not use the wrong kind of towels because it can do more damage and quicken the aging process. When I was dealing with acne in my 20's I switched to only washing my face with warm water and these facial wash cloths and it almost immediately helped heal my skin, I never turned back and this has been my go to for most of my clients for years!

Lusa Organics - Eye Serum & Facial Cleansing Oil.

Made by a family in Viroque, WI. Beautiful story and wonderful products. After the age of 18 the skin around your eyes starts the aging process - be gentle and kind to your eyes, avoid rubbing or itching them hard and start your eye cream now!!

Aveda - Hydrating Lotion

I use right after I wash my face, prior to putting lotion on. This is what I always told my clients "Hydrating Lotion for the face is what water is to the body". When putting this on the skin before lotion your face is like a wet sponge which keeps it young. If you just put lotion on over nothing then it's like putting lotion on a dry sponge. This is my ABSOLUTE #1 PRODUCT (Besides eye cream!!)

Green Science Eye Cream

Use morning and night before moisturizer, a little goes a long way!

Dual Foundation (I've used for years and always have with me, I use it for a finished look!)

Face Accents (I usually react to anything with bronzer in it but I can use this one and love it.)

Eye Definer (I don't wear eye liner much but this has always been my favorite because it's such a soft pencil that is gentle on the eye.) or visit Crimson Salon & Spa (Fort Atkinson, WI)

Shea Moisturizer: Coconut Facial Moisturizer

I use A LOT of their products and absolutely love them and everything about the company.

Josie Maran:

I've used some of the makeup products for the last couple years and love them. They're light enough on my skin, cover well and I have no reaction!

Hemp Seed Oil (Usually a little in the morning or evening as a moisturizer or add it to my moisturizer)

Vibrancy Argan Oil Concealer

Concealer Crayon (I've used in the past and love it!)

Argon Black Oil Mascara (Mascara is something I usually react to but not this one and it wears well, easy to get off and I always get the most compliments on).

Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation (this is also something I'm usually reactive to and I started using this a couple years ago and haven't found anything that wears this well on my skin.)

The Good Brow (This is a pencil for highlighting the brow bone and filling in your brows)

Hallow & Clove

Hydratint Blush Serum (I was hesitant about this but this has turned out to be my favorite blush product I've ever used.)

Conceal & Correct (This is another product that I usually react to so it was wonderful to find this one and Josie Maran's product being very gentle and the consistency of both are my favorite of any brand I've used.)

Sunrise Pigment Palette Eye Shadow - (This is something I don't venture out with, I wear very natural, nude colors so for me this compact is all I need)

Lip Velvet (I am also a very nude chapstick kinda girl however I'm always looking for something that doesn't feel heavy, chalky or sticky for my lips in case I want to be adventurous. I bought the Fiesta Red and loved how it felt, wore and stayed on!)

Pressed Mineral Foundation (I only use this as a spot treat and more so if I want a "finished" look)

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