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Stacking our Team!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

My last blog I shared more of our intimate details of tackling Harlo's seizures and what it looks like when they sneak back in. At the end I mentioned we had come across another group of individuals who are now helping us and am going to share them today.

Throughout our journey I've realized quite quickly there is no simple remedy. No quick fix and certainly not just one individual who can help us with healing Harlo or ourselves. It takes a team and it takes people who are willing to listen to your story, empathize and be open to working with your body to get you to your end goal. Let me tell you it's not simple. I've met my fair share of doctors who have titles and degrees but haven't lived it, haven't had personal health struggles or have seen so many people that they want to put you right into a box based on your symptoms. Their empathy or understanding of what your daily life looks like is lack thereof. They offer a "bandaid" of medication or run the typical tests and don't dig deeper not necessarily because they don't want to (although some don't) but because that's how our typical healthcare system works and what's dictated by insurance.

When Harlo started having her seizures and the answer kept coming back as "unknown" that just wasn't enough for me. There was something, I just needed to find the right people, ask the right questions, spend energy digging and invest some money doing so. Just because our insurance doesn't cover something does that mean we shouldn't push for more? Absolutely not. The fear that we've instilled about seeing doctors that aren't covered by insurance is BS. It's affordable but you have to find it, it's worth it because it can save your life or prevent many future problems.

I've found several doctors who are very transparent about price and how to make this additional healthcare affordable and you know what, I've gotten further in 6 months then I have in 12 years. By focusing on preventative health I've gotten the three of us off most of our supplements and medications for - Epilepsy, Ulcerative Colitis & Hashimotos Hypothyroid. That in itself is saving us huge amounts of money in monthly prescriptions and specialty doctor appointments.

I get it, I really do when it comes to affording things. You have to make choices, sacrifices etc. I look at this year and the focus that Jeb and I have is very different. We are 100% focusing on addressing our health issues and being proactive in preventative health instead of waiting for something to happen. Watching your child go through something difficult can make you much more willing to push the boundaries and look outside of your box.

I look at the years that I have spent struggling from my Hashimotos Thyroid and food allergies and the funny thing is, is that I wasn't willing to spend the money on myself beyond a certain point. It wasn't until I was faced with a child who was struggling that I realized the Advocate that I needed to be for myself and my family. So that has become my mission. I won't put preventative health on the back burner any longer, I won't wait for problems to happen before I address it. There are certainly things out of our control but there are more than enough things within our control and one of them is preventative care.

Most of you know that we've been working with Zuza's Way since November and have made leaps and bounds for not only Harlo but for Jeb and I. Both of us have had a long history of health issues (Ulcerative Colitits & Hashimotos) but we took our medicine without question and figured to focus on eating healthy and exercise...well sometimes that's simply not enough. For both of our cases it wasn't. As I continue to connect with people, attend seminars, go to wellness expos I expand my knowledge and my thinking. At the most recent Wellness Expo held in Madison, WI I met our next company that would help stack our team.

I went to the Madison Wellness Expo because I had this pull to go and this excitement to meet some new people and learn more about myself. I had mentioned in a previous post that I got to work with some healers, card readers etc. but I also got to meet the team at Symmetry Natural Health. I saw their brochure when I walked in and new immediately that it was the reason I was there. I went and chatted with the owner and honestly just couldn't contain my excitement and booked my first consult.

Here's an overview of what they do:

Symmetry believes that nutrition is more than food, it is lifestyle.  Their approach combines clinical nutrition and energy testing.  They will introduce the foundation of their practice, why they combine clinical nutrition with energy testing, and what it means to be a client at Symmetry Natural Health. 

Symmetry helps people with conditions including: skin issues, sleep problems, anxiety, headaches, aches/pains, thyroid imbalances, and many more.  Supporting the body naturally means the benefits are more than just healing; recovery and performance are maximized when the body has the resources it needs.

This is only a brief introduction to them, if you've been around Jeb and I then you've probably heard us rave about them and our experience however what they do is difficult to explain. Or at least Jeb tells me I ruin it once I try and explain it ha! Essentially they do muscle testing and work with your energy field and figure out what the body is lacking or what is causing our energy field to weaken. When I went to my initial appointment I learned more about myself in 1 hour then I have in 12 years. I was 50% thrilled and 50% angry I hadn't found them sooner. I knew immediately that I wanted Harlo and Jeb to see them. Quite honestly when I came home, my excitement was through the roof, I tried to explain it to both Jeb and Harlo, then following up with "I made you guys an appointment too!" they both rolled their eyes....literally.

By this point although they know the importance of preventative health their excitement hasn't exactly matched mine in trying new things. To say they were less than thrilled to go to yet another appointment, meet more people and explain their personal story again was an understatement. However they both knew that what mom says goes!

Reluctantly the following week we headed to Sun Prairie for both of their Initial Consults at Symmetry. Needless to say I was right, they both loved it. Jeb is naturally more skeptic than I - it takes much more facts and figures for him to believe in something so I understand if your that person. As we continue to work with them we couldn't be more impressed with how accurate they are as they address - personal, health, stress, lifestyle factors for each of us. They have and continue to help balance and heal each of us. Jeb has already eliminated almost all of his Ulcerative Colitis medications - he is down to the last prescription that has already been cut in half. Harlo is off almost every supplement that she has been on since October and down to the last two.

We have navigated food sensitivities, balanced emotional healing, addressed vitamin and enzyme deficiencies and so much more. They do this through lifestyle changes, diet modifications, essential oils, exercise and supplements. The goal is to build your energy field up which allows us to protect our body to fight things off easier. There is certainly a more scientific description of what they do - and is something they talk about in your first consult.

Regardless, we were so amazed with all the stuff we've learned, the extent of how much we've healed in just a short few months that we asked them to come in and work with our NorthFit Staff and speak to our members. We have some skeptics of course but so many more have found healing and amazing progress with them. If it's something you have any interest in I'm happy to chat more about otherwise anyone that we send over to see them will get their first Initial Consult for free. What we've told everyone so far is that you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Symmetry isn't just for those who are frustrated with their current health obstacles, this is for anyone who is looking to work on their overall health. For those who want to understand their body, know what vitamins it needs, what foods is best for your body, what exercise helps keep stress at bay and so much more. I understand that everyone is on their own journey and I fully respect that. Some of you may be open to this and others may not be. At this point in our lives Jeb and I lead with our intuition and are open to so much more than we ever were before. I don't need someone to have the lengthiest resume or degrees I just need someone who has empathy and understanding, who's dealt with their own hardships so they know where your coming from, who is willing to listen and has a skill that helps benefit our end goal. That is what I've found.

I've also realized that not everyone is open to holistic approaches or at least aren't ready for them and that's okay. I just know that there are people wanting guidance and help because I am one of them. I know that when I find something that has helped us and gotten us further in our healing that I want to share it. Whether any of this resonates with you or not just know there are things out there to help, there is no quick fix and it takes work.

As health conscious as I've been and for someone who has dedicated most of my life to educating myself in this area it still took time for me to push harder. I hope my words can be the fire to light under your ass. I hope I remove fear and replace it with hope as I share the wonderful people that have entered our lives and helped us learn more about ourselves. And more then anything I hope you realize you are your best Advocate!

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