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Winter Wonderland

We've been on a bit of a hiatus lately as we led into the Holidays. In my last blog I mentioned that we've been tackling a detoxification process with Harlo. With her labs coming back with some poor results we have been educating and adding more things into her daily routine and diet to help aid in her detoxification process.

We are still going in every 10 days or so for her IV treatment which gives her a big dose of vitamins and also helps boost her glutathione which is what aids in the process of getting rid of toxins however hers is producing at a low level. Anyhow we're excited to know that everything we've learned is within our control which also means her seizures are as well. We're still unsure how long her body will take to heal but to know that this is only temporary is such a blessing.

We took an adventure to an Herbalist school in Middleton right before Christmas so we could learn a bit more on different herbs that could aid in her healing. I told her it was a field trip for school! We started incorporating our own homemade oat grass "water" and a tincture called liver lover to help support her system. There's plenty of beautiful and wonderful herbs but we're starting there as our daily routine is getting a tab bit large!

I really can't say enough how patient Harlo is through all of this, I told her this year of school has turned into a year of self discovery. She'll know more about her body and health then I did until I hit my 20's. She has fully embraced the foods she can eat and what she can't along with all the tinctures and supplements she is currently taking. For those that know Harlo you know she's an "all in" type of girl, when she commits it's game on and it's making this entire healing process much easier.

Since we've had to alter a few things.. actually pretty much everything in her diet we've made sure to still have fun with it. For Christmas my sister and I made gluten free, dairy free sugar cookies that we're just as good as regular ones. We found some organic food dye so we we're able to make beautiful colors and it still had the same great taste (as you can see Grey man ate more then he decorated!). Instead of our traditional pancakes and cinnamon rolls we prepared plenty of GF/DF chocolate chip pancakes which are her favorite!

I think the biggest challenge is making sure we stay on top of all of her food since she could literally eat all day long. So if we plan to go anywhere we simply pack a cooler of food so we don't hit that frustrating point of her feeling like she's limited. The kitchen has always been my haven but there's a lot more time getting prepared, being creative and planning before we leave the house. I couldn't be more thankful that I have the ability to work from home, kudos to all you parents who are performing balancing acts. And although the process seems to be moving slowly we are still seizure free and her body seems to be on the road to healing.

With that said cheers to 2019, we're excited for this New Year and the blessings you will bring. One of my goals is to start putting some recipes and lists together of what we've been doing in the house as far as small changes, healing foods etc as we create our Healthy Home.

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