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Sooo I have one child left in the house that still doesn't know what "sex" actually means. Somehow we've avoided this conversation (I know that's terrible...) but I have LITERALLY avoided it. I think part of me is like alright my older kids got to learn about it from their teachers at school so I dodged the awkwardness and the face they make when they put two and two together and look at you like "Oh my god, you and dad have sex!" face...

Well then it dawns on me that I'm Harlo's teacher, ugh!

Naturally Harlo believes that SEX means when you kiss. But she also believes that when you're in love that a baby appears. She's been more recently asking questions about babies and the process so I knew it was going to come soon. Ironically the only reason we got on the subject is due to our new puppy. Harlo remembers that Kilo had to get neutered so she started asking about rose getting spayed. When we started talking about it she says "Mom, why does Kilo need to get neutered since he can't have babies?" and so the conversation started.

Side Note: There should be nothing wrong with sex and the beauty of it but for some reason I haven't yet gotten the words out to relay that to my 9 year old. I want her to be able to speak freely about it and not feel that it is a terrible, forbidden thing. Sex is a beautiful thing that I want her to know can be shared with someone you a much older age.

Alright so the conversation starts and if you know Harlo she is very specific and detail orientated so I'm pretty sure that's why I was dreading this conversation. We're at the point where I'm literally telling her what has to happen in order for a baby to be made and she's like "Wow!" and is completely baffled (I still haven't figured out if I've scarred her or educated her).

I finally think I've made it through the conversation when I can tell she's really thinking about something. So I ask her what she's thinking and she says "Well I'm trying to picture you and daddy younger, I want to know what you guys were like before I was born. I mean it's weird, no offense, thinking about you and daddy doing that for me to be born". And I"m like OH MY WORD she now thinks we've only had sex ONCE!!!

I couldn't even get myself to start the next conversation. Now I'm going to have to have another conversation about how having sex isn't just about making babies. Super great.

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