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What's your Love Language?

You've seen me post several times about the book - The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. For those that don't know me I absolutely love reading I would say hands down it's my favorite hobby. I usually have at least two books in my purse, several ones downloaded on my phone so at any point I have downtime I can dive into reading.

Anyhow with this love also comes me sharing what I read with those around me - primarily our NorthFit staff. One of our coaches actually has notes in his phone that says "Megs Book Club" which makes me soo happy. Jeb and I read the book along with our siblings so we could learn a bit more about what language we were. And to be quite honest it was me reading it and summarizing the entire book in an hour long car ride in which Jeb was driving so he couldn't escape me - and ironically he preaches it to others sometimes more often then I.

If you've followed along in previous posts then I've already mentioned this book but the point I'm getting to is that we made our entire NorthFit Staff read it or at least acknowledge it and do the love language quiz. I'm a big believer that we should never apologize for who you are or the personality that you have however I do feel that we can certainly make a point to understand one another. Our staff is our family and just like family we can still go through ups and downs however I believe that if we understand how each of us communicates then we clear a lot of issues up before they can happen. I also believe that it teaches us how to prepare or react to certain situations if we can keep the other persons primary communication in mind.

Jeb and I not only wanted our team to read the book for each other's sake but because everyday we work with hundreds of different personalities in our gym. Now, we are human and you certainly may not always catch us on a good day however we do feel that it is absolutely necessary to consider that every person in our gym has a different language. It may sound silly but for those that know us know that our members are just an extension of our family. With that, it means we have the duty as their coaches to take in consideration how to properly communicate with them and some people need things explained, some need to see the movement done and others need to read and hear it 20 times before they can understand a workout!

The last reason we wanted our team to read the book is because personal relationships are absolutely a large part of our life. We want to make sure we nourish and respect the relationships that our trainers have with their family and friends. Not only does this affect them but it ultimately makes them happy in life. They become happier co-workers, happier coaches, happier life partners, happier parents etc. I believe the more good humans we have in this world the better so fortunately for my team they get to anticipate and hear me preach each Friday!

I'm excited for our next staff meeting - I have a fun project that includes "The 3 Most Important Questions Exercise" from the book - The Code of The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani. If you have not read this book, it is hands down one of the best books I have ever read and I believe everyone would be a much better human being if they read it too.

I appreciate all of you who are still reading and continue to read my blogs and posts. This had originally started so I could inform family and friends of Harlo's health journey however you'll notice it's going to encompass a whole lot more. Healing Harlo is a glimpse into our world and all the things that we focus on to lead a happy healthy life. All of these things make us better at taking care of ourselves, parenting, building our business, leading our community to health and wellness and so much more. As always, thank you for following and reading our story.

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At the top of my notes of your recommended books i wrote: Meg's Book Club 😊

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