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A Healthy Dose

My vision for this blog is based on the sole purpose to use the experience and knowledge that we learn along the way to help educate others and guide a path to resources or knowledge you may not have known.

A dosage of truth is that I believe my family leads a pretty healthy if not more then healthy lifestyle. My focus for the last decade is to clean up our eating, clean up the products we use within our household and to be conscious of the toxins around us. Although I have been mindful of all of these things there are still things that slip through the cracks simply due to the lack of knowledge, our moderation rule or simple laziness on my end.

I realize now through the turmoil we are faced with that I need to be better. There needs to be a high priority focus on all things that we allow our children to eat, breath and be around within our household or environment. I've always known how important this is and maybe more then others due to my background and yet i still didn't do the best that I could to ensure this. Many of you I believe can relate and may be in the same boat and we try hard, we do, but are we really?

Watching Harlo each day knowing right now we only have a few good hours before her seizure medication takes over and puts her in a state of fogginess and migraines breaks my heart. I do understand that things happen for a reason and that children are resilient but it has taken her becoming sick for us to truly go 100% in and take full responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our surroundings and control what we can.

Whether you are someone with a child, know someone who has seizures or some other ailment or medical term that effects them or are simply wanting to improve your overall health - I hope I reach you. I hope you hear my voice loud and clear and that you learn from me. I searched high and low for doctors, blogs, schools and acquaintances and I'm a determined individual and it was still hard for me to learn what I've learned. So I hope to be a tool for you. I hope that you find comfort in reading our story and I pray that I can ignite fire in you to take action in preventative health.

Jeb and I own a gym on the pure basis that we believe we can help others and we want to be a Health and Wellness staple in our community and touch as many lives as we can. I believe that I can reach more people through my words and my writing. I love meeting people, I love having conversations with people, I truly love people however I know I can reach so many more through this avenue. An avenue that allows me to journal my thoughts and share my findings. I hope to inspire and teach you.

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1 Comment

Nov 07, 2018

I LOVE LOVE this blog, love your family, and have always been so inspired by you and your health journey. In my eyes, you have been concious of clean eating, and ridding toxins for a long time. Of course, we can all improve due to laziness (ahem, me!), and it's such a great reminder to be a little more diligent and REALLY pay close attention to things.

I'm excited to follow the journey.


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